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20161103 [星洲日报] [艺文周报] [黑白变为世界种一颗种子]

20161103 [星洲日报] [艺文周报] [黑白变为世界种一颗种子]
Published on SinChew Daily, 03/11/2016

Plant A Seed For The World

撰文 马金泉
Written by Anthony Meh Kim Chuan









《黑白变》第三次重演,配合Nets Group Malaysia举办的绿化地球运动“Eco Art Festival”,共同把人文企业与生态环境共生共善的理念与众人分享;回到首演的场地,宛如回到母体,聆听5年前的初心。


The first performance was an appeal of environmental protection.
The second was due to the overwhelming audience demand.

Now, the third time, we have the dance and also the audience, but we wish to plant a seed.

A dance piece can accompany a dance company, a group of dancers, and also the creators to rethink about its meaning after every performance. It opens up our senses, our eyes, our ears and even our bodies to take in the soft voices from the earth and inhale the emotions present  in the atmosphere.

A simple creation has become a blessing for us five years after it was created.

Since the premier of 'Black & White @ VARIATION' in Malaysia, it has been performed at a few festivals locally and abroad. Most of the time, it seems to be undergoing a ritual of internal evolution. Everytime when the music plays, the same steps find their new interpretations with a different environment.

During our tour in India, we sat and meditated under a huge tree at Pondicherry where director Ang Lee shot 'Life if Pi'. While listening to the whispering wind with eyes shut and smelling the scent of warm breath arising from the earth, a beautiful primitive scene appeared in our minds. We noticed that people there have great faith in Zen and meditation, and they have immense respect towards flora and fauna in Nature. This triggered us to reflect on the piece, advancing it from an appeal of environmental issues to a soft touch of greening the minds and souls of human beings.

The piece was invited to perform in Beijing International Dance Festival too. We still remember the time when we landed in Beijing, it was the most severe storm the city had ever experienced. Roads were flooded and the plane had to circle in the sky for hours. When we finally managed to leave the airport, the city was inundated in pools of water. Although it washed away its infamous sandstorm, what we saw in Beijing extended the width and depth of the understanding that the creation of the dance could explore.

Also recent floods in Malaysia, especially the impactful ones in Kuala Krai and Gua Musang of Kelantan gave us intense messages too.

As we perform this creation in India, Philippines, China and Taiwan, the seed of this third performance sprouted along the tour. We had seen people living harmoniously with the environment along this journey and we believe that artistic creation can bring everyone closer to the seeds in their hearts, nourish them, germinate them.

Dua Space Dance Theatre is performing the full-length version of 'Black & White @ VARIATION' for the third time and we are very glad to partner with Nets Group Malaysia in conjunction with their Eco Art Festival to spread the idea of redirecting the economy toward the community, environment and a sustainable future.

This time, 'Black & White @ VARIATION' is back to where it was premiered, as if returning to the womb, relooking at the creation's initial intention. We will never forget our initial intention of developing arts in Malaysia, at the same time, we hope Seeds that can change the environment for a better future will be awakened!


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